The Silent Dangers of Trucking Jobs

The Silent Dangers of Trucking Jobs

The trucking industry has a host of dangers of trucking that jeopardize life and cargo. Truck drivers should familiarize themselves with hazards lurking behind the wheel. Some of the dangers may have slipped through the net as you undertook CDL.

Keeping Your Foot on the Gas

Driving fatigued-You may feel compelled to drive while tired, but this offends the basic rules of safety.

Disrupted Driving-On the highways, any mobile phone texting or call could be your last. Keep he phones off your hands and keep them on the steering.

Over-speeding makes a recipe for accidents when road conditions become a distraction. Do not descend a slope too quickly or take a corner too fast.

Omitting pre-trip inspection conceals mechanical failure or other defects that could turn deadly if unseen.

Outside The Trailer

Don’t lie under the trailer.  To go beneath the trailer’s body to get rid of a pin, slip the rear of the trailer’s frame to support the vehicle. In case the landing gear malfunctions, the truck frame will prop up the truck.

Stay watchful in truck parks, loading docks and fleets. You can get struck or squeezed against a stevedoring wharf by an inattentive driver who can’t see your reversing truck.

Climbing up the roof could look like child’s play, but it’s not. It’s easy to slip if you have no ladder. Don’t go up like a wild animal to repair or replace components as you could hit the ground with a thud.

Airbags can launch when working beneath the truck. The airbags may settle and squeeze you as you work under the vehicle.

Don’t interfere with the brake chambers. These pack a heck of dangerous thrust. A trained technician offers a safe pair of hands. The truck contains forceful springs in the spaces that can unleash a killer strike when mishandled.

Pay attention to your footing on the frame or deck. You can easily slip, fall or have your foot trapped. Flat bedders have an increased dangers of trucking issues.

It is mandatory to attend and gradyaute from certified CDL Schools before becoming a truck driver.

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