Heavy-Duty Transmissions

Super-Quality Re-manufactured Heavy-Duty Transmissions & Differentials Offer A Complete Line of Drivetrain Parts

Remanufactured truck manual or automatic transmissions and differentials compliant to OEM standards and availability of all parts go beyond the level of damage to refine the whole unit. Heavy-Duty Transmissions and differentials resuscitate to the prescribed blueprint specifications and OEM specifications for every unit.

Manual Transmissions

Leading rebuilders undertake 100% disassembly, removing keyway defects and gear spin. It also facilitates a great tweak of gears for assy. Dismantling shift covers inhibit shift malfunctions and facilitate detailed inspection of rails, detents, and interlocks while swapping springs and poppets. Renowned rebuilders replace vital components with spanking new, unused and OEM-approved parts like bearings. Transmission durability remains inextricably intertwined to bearing longevity. A new, complete air system ensures minimal resistance to transmission shifts in line with OEM air pressure. New input shafts render 100% spline life and suitability to flywheel pilot bearing. Brand new sliding clutches and synchronizers prolong first shaft gear life and deter premature fork wear.

Automatic Transmissions

Automatic transmissions remanufactured to stringent standards involves full teardown, cleaning, rigorous inspection, substitution of any defective components and a careful reassembly according to manufacturer specifications. Top-quality servicing will not miss a degraded spline or leave a tiny piece in the transmission, which leads to premature failure. Similarly, first-rate quality components like solenoids, bearings, filters, seals, and clutch plates boost durability. Remanufactured transmissions utilize a pristine branded torque converter.


Leading heavy-duty transmissions overhaul dealers run a 100% disassembly for the inspection of all parts and components. They’ll replace all worn like bearings, seals, shims, bolt kits, and snap rings. Distinguished overhaul dealers only install gears in line with OEM specifications. OEM specification standards stipulate salvage criteria. After case inspection, they machine all components to OEM levels for the most exceptional quality and reliable performance.

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