top trucking jobs


The most-coveted trucking jobs belong to the niche market that bequeaths the highest pay packages. Specialized trucking does not demand anything beyond mastery, experience, and familiarity with sophisticated equipment. But money-spinning trucking jobs pose risks of a higher level than ordinary tasks. To get your toe in the door for these positions, you need more than modicum experience and exceptional skills set. In addition to more stringency, lucrative trucking jobs in specialized branches of trucking come at a hefty price like harsh operating conditions.

Far-Flung Areas

Truck driving employment to far-flung or sparsely populated places pays a generous salary for the voyage. However, the jobs may require the driver to stay away from home and reside there. Experience counts for the problematic rig driving job.

High Risk

Trucking jobs come with existential handicaps and hazards such as inclement weather and poor road conditions. Scores of drivers have swarmed ice road trucking in some regions like Canada’s remote north where the job brings in $20,000 to $70,000. Liquid hauling trailers packed with gas, chemicals, and dangerous cargo hand down grand earnings. Drivers must possess a spotless driving record and prior experience with tankers to seize these positions.

Specialty Truck Driving

Some fleet owners also specialize in over-sized load haulage on dangerous highways. Truckers taking up oversized loads require high-level expertise for safety. Extreme trucking like haulers of expensive and vintage vehicles only entrust only the most qualified specialists. Behemoth dump trucks made for cloudy mining sites sign up truckers who make a killing of $100,000 in places like Australia.

Team Truck Driving

You can go team with a network of drivers who operate non-stop pickup-to-drop-off trucking cycles. Express and steady freight trucking for companies on the fast lane reward drivers with higher paychecks. Some companies go the extra mile to dish out incentives and bonuses making the team driving even more profitable.


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